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Why Invest In Irish Cask Whiskey?

Achieving great returns for decades, Irish Whiskey Casks are an asset with a huge global demand, but with a very limited supply. So like with any other collectible, when something has a limited supply, the price will increase along with the rising demand.

Here are some of the many benefits of Cask Whiskey investment:

  • Portfolios From Just £5,000
  • Exempt from Capital Gains Tax
  • Hands-Off investment
  • Physical Asset Ownership
  • Insured & Stored at Distillery
  • Fully Licensed by HMRC
The approximate global value of Irish Whiskey exports as of 2021.
Circa market growth in the last 10 years and expected to double by 2030.
Whiskey sales in Asia have grown by 300% over the past eight years.
Proud to be partnered with the only Irish distillery that is 100% carbon neutral.

Discover Irish Whiskey Cask Ownership

Distributing Irish Whiskey to businesses across the country, our relationships with specialised distilleries means their products are unavailable through any other supplier. Having access to such exclusive merchandise means we can supply with the highest quality whiskey that no one else on the market has. Become the first to get access to new products from these award-winning distilleries by investing today.


We pride ourselves on our relationships with both our distillery partners and our clients. Our unrivalled industry knowledge makes us the easiest way to break into the world of Whiskey investment, guiding you to success along the way.

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